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  • About Jien
    Headquartered at the foot of beautiful Jilin Changbai Mountain and besides Songhua Riverside, Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. was founded based on the advantageous assets of the former Jilin Nickel Industry Group (the current Jilin HOROC Nonferrous Metal Group Co., Ltd.). And bolstered by continuous capital restructuring, industrial and product structure adjustment, high-tech investment, and intensified international cooperation and industrial integration, the company now has developed into...
    Address: Panshi Red Zhen Ji ICP No. 05000619
    domestic sales hotline: 0432-65610580 65610628 carbonyl products: 6,561,079,265,610,102
    International Sales Hotline: 0431-81856072
    Fax: 0431-81330357  0432-65614580 6,561,462,865,610,520 (carbonyl products)